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Wavelogic 6

The new standard

Making the impossible possible. Again.

Your ambitious goals have always inspired us to push the boundaries of what's possible—to consider not just what you need now, but also innovate for what you'll need next.

We’ve done it again with WaveLogicTM 6—enabling you to evolve your networks with next-generation coherent technology that delivers unprecedented performance and overall lowest cost.

Read our blog to learn how Ciena is, once again, setting the new standard in coherent optics.

What’s new with WaveLogic 6

High speed light streaks


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The journey to 1.6T: Understanding the technologies making 1.6Tb/s possible


Economics, sustainability, ease of adoption

Providing ubiquitous 400G/800G connectivity, WaveLogic 6 brings the innovation you need to make meaningful impacts in network scale, economics, and power efficiencies. And with the ability to operate with existing network assets, WaveLogic 6 lets you more quickly and simply reap these benefits.

WaveLogic 6 Extreme (WL6e)

Choose WL6e when you need ultimate network scalability. WL6e delivers:

  • Up to 1.6 Tb/s per wavelength
  • 800G connectivity across virtually all network links
  • At least double the wavelength capacity*
  • 50% reduction in space and power per bit*
  • 15% improvement in spectral efficiency*

* compared to WaveLogic 5 Extreme

WL6 Nano
WL6 Extreme

WaveLogic 6 Nano (WL6n)

When minimizing power and space are your top requirements, WL6n 400G-800G coherent pluggables leverage lowest power technology and offer:

  • 800LR for coherent data center campus applications (10 km)
  • 800ZR for Data Center Interconnect (DCI) applications (120 km), with the ability to extend to 500 km
  • High-performance 800G at 1000km reaches, and 600G across longer distances
  • Expanded 400G pluggable network coverage to long-haul applications

Setting new standards in sustainability

Your commitments to environmental stewardship drive our advanced technology investment decisions. The result? Double the traffic capacity within the same space and power envelope, along with the ability to support your networking requirements today and into the future—all while using your existing assets.

400 G WaveLogic 6 Nano
800G 0 Tb/s WaveLogic 6 Extreme
2x capacity within the same space
0 % reduction in power / bit WaveLogic 6 Extreme
0 % increase in
spectral efficiency
WaveLogic 6 Extreme

Ciena Services

Partner with Ciena to get the most from your technology investment. We work alongside you to audit your network to ensure optimal utilization and maximum performance. Ciena provides complete network lifecycle services, including Managed Services, so you can focus on what you do best: delivering exceptional customer experiences.

WaveLogic 6 Services



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