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Get the most out of your network with this portal designed to manage all your support and services related needs.

Support Contacts

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3 – For Hardware Services and Engineer Dispatch
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North America
CountryCarrier Prefix code to dial Toll Free number to call
Canada All +1 800-243-6224
United States All +1 800-243-6224
United States (CGSI Government Customers Only) All +1 855-916-0006

CountryCarrier Prefix code to dial Toll Free number to dial
Argentina All 0 8002224362
N/A 0 800 761 2624
N/A 1230 020 0845
01 8009111054
N/A 8000621328
Panama C&W 507 8000279
N/A 0800 77 454
000 41 3598 5557

CountryCarrier Prefix code to dial Toll Free number to dial
Austria Austria PTV 00 800-2436-2247
N/A 80006210
00 0800 80164
Czech Republic Cesky Telecom 00 800-2436-2247
France France Telecom 00 800-2436-2247
Germany Deutsche Telkom 00 800-2436-2247
Ireland Eircom 00 800-2436-2247
Italy Telecom Italia 00 800-2436-2247
Netherlands KPN Telecom 00 800-2436-2247
Poland Polish Telecom 00 800-2436-2247
Spain Telefonica 00 800-2436-2247
Sweden Telia Sonera 00 800-2436-2247
Switzerland Swiss Telecom 00 800-2436-2247
Slovenia Slovenia Telecom 0 80080257
N/A 8000 3570 3978
United Kingdom BT 00 800-2436-2247

Cable & Wireless 00 800-2436-2247

Asia Pacific
CountryCarrier Prefix code to dial Toll Free number to dial
N/A 1800 849187
China China Telecom (South) 00 800-2436-2247

China Telecom (North) 00 800-2436-2247
Hong  Kong PCCW 001 800-2436-2247
000 8004401369
N/A 080-0111-0009
New Zealand
N/A 0508 123 462
N/A 1800 13220094
N/A 800 3211185
South Korea Korea Telecom 001 800-2436-2247

DACOM 002 800-2436-2247
Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom 00 800-2436-2247
Thailand CAT 001 800-2436-2247
Vietnam Viettel N/A 122 80925

Mobifone N/A 121 020029

Vinafone/VNPT N/A 120 11104


Technical Support bulletins (also known as Field Service Bulletins – FSBs) and Product Change Notification (PCN) bulletins dealing with traditional Ciena and former MEN products are a valuable source of technical/operational information. They are made available on an opt-in, registration basis. You can elect to receive them via email or retrieve them from the Customer Service Center. Please use the below links to confirm or update your registration status.

However, if you currently receive FSBs and or PCNs from Ciena, no action is necessary.

Changes take effect Jan 31, 2011.

Your customer support and service center

Don’t miss out on all the membership benefits available to Ciena customers with active service agreements. When you register for our secure extranet service, you’ll gain 24/7 access to the support, information and tools you need to deploy and operate your Ciena products. We’re continually adding new capabilities and information to make your interactions with Ciena as easy and efficient as possible.

As a member, you’ll have access to:

  • Technical documentation for historical and recent product releases
  • Product-based Technical Support FAQs
  • Product Change Notice (PCN) and Field Service Bulletin (FSB) information
  • Active (and historical) support and RMA tickets, including the ability to initiate support and RMA tickets online
  • An FTP site for service support file transfers
  • Remote support information
  • Training information, including current class schedules, course outlines and training locations
  • Order status information for new equipment and new service orders (items ordered, target shipping, waybill tracking)

Registering for an account with is simple: just fill out the registration form using your company-based email address. When your registration is approved, you will receive your account information via email.

If you’re already a registered member and have forgotten your password, use the “forgot password” utility.