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Ciena Services


Consulting, Implementation & System Integration Services

Success begins with building a strong foundation—we work with you to build a responsive, automated, and agile network that flexes with your needs.

It starts with taking a comprehensive view of your business goals and technology requirements. We analyze, plan, design, and deploy your network with these objectives in mind. Ciena’s Consulting, Implementation, and Systems Integration Services make sure your network is built right—the first time.

Consulting Service

Ask. Listen. Understand. Plan.

What would it mean to you if technology partners viewed your network like you do?

Your network infrastructure underpins your business growth. So, any change must be well planned to ensure you meet business objectives, minimize disruption, and maximize ROI. Having a partner to guide you with strategic consulting expertise is critical.

Ciena’s Consulting Service embraces an all-in view of both your business and network. We address essential questions that set a direction to deliver the right solutions with the greatest return. Whether through strategic consulting, project consulting, developing robust custom analytic tools—or a combination―you can leverage the full scope of our experience and knowledge to reach your goals.

Implementation Service

Building your network from plan to execution―let us manage the risk for you

How often do you tackle full or partial network deployment? Whether it’s regularly or rarely, by working with a teammate who does it every day brings peace of mind.

Our experienced, highly skilled teams use proven processes to plan, design, and deploy networks, leveraging our powerful automation framework. With nearly 30 years’ experience deploying the most complex networks worldwide, we know what to do. We’ve also learned what not to do.

Ciena’s Implementation Service offers flexible alternatives to conventional in-house models. Leverage our expertise and benefit from a single point of responsibility for your network implementation.

Systems Integration Services

Simplifying complexity

Any network seems manageable when limited to like vendors and devices. But what happens in the real world? How do networks survive and thrive when bringing together disparate, multi-vendor technologies and applications?

Unlike traditional systems integrators offering generic capabilities, Ciena’s Systems Integration (SI) Services are specialized, focusing on network evolution. Built on our expertise and experience enabling large and complex network transformations, we understand your operational processes and network complexity.

And as the experts in Ciena’s industry-leading hardware and software solutions, we’re your ideal systems integration partner to help leverage your Ciena investments as part of your ongoing network journey.

Systems Integration Service for Virtualized Edge

Virtualizing your network edge presents a compelling opportunity ―powerful capabilities, rapid deployment, and enhanced customer experience.  But these benefits come with potential risk because of complex implementation and a lack of in-house expertise.

We offer a pragmatic solution.

Leverage Ciena’s extensive experience in helping some of the world’s largest CSPs and enterprises successfully implement virtualized network infrastructure for enhanced services, automation, and agility.

Systems Integration Service for Solution Validation

How valuable would it be to ensure that new hardware or software capabilities operate as expected—before deploying them in your network?

Ciena engineers apply their lab expertise, enabling you to verify your solutions—first.

We are your partner to help navigate the pitfalls of new deployments. With deep network knowledge and proven planning methodologies, Ciena’s Solution Validation Service accelerates your time to market while reducing risk.



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