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Supplier Working at Ciena Sites Environmental Health & Safety Rules

Thank you for visiting the Ciena Supplier Safety site.

All supplier's employees who are expected to be on Ciena's site must read and fully understand these requirements.

To ensure the safety of all employees, visitors, and customers we rely on you, as our supplier, to help create a safe and professional work environment. All suppliers conducting business on a Ciena site, must understand and comply with the following Ciena Environmental, Health & Safety Rules.

Supplier Working at Ciena Sites - Environmental Health & Safety Rules

Driver Safety

Never exceed speed limits or travel at speeds that are dangerous for the type of road, vehicle, or conditions and always wear seat belts.

Never use a hand-held phone while driving, and only make calls by pulling over or using hands-free devices, when it is safe to do so.

Slips trips falls

Prevent slips, trips and falls by keeping your work area free of debris, tripping hazards and other physical obstructions. Do not block or lock emergency exits or routes. Keep stairways, aisles and passageways free of obstructions.

Environmental Responsibilities

Reduce, reuse & recycle when practical by using proper receptacles to dispose of waste or recycle as appropriate.


Understand and observe the safety protocols for different alarm types such as such as fire, tornado, tsunami, earthquake, etc. Remember for fires: EVACUATE and never use elevators, exit the nearest emergency exit, do not re-enter until all clear is given.

Understand posted evacuation routes and how to call for emergency assistance.

Safe Working

You are required to be trained, proficient and have appropriate licensees if required by local or national regulations, to carry out work.

All suppliers must comply with required personal protective equipment as well as any legislated fall protection requirements.

Hazardous Materials

You are responsible for the safe usage of all chemicals you utilize and to understand their proper usage, precautions, and proper disposal.

Accident / Incident Reporting

If an accident occurs, you notice unsafe conditions, or identify building or environmental spills / or releases, immediately notify your supervisor and contact your Ciena representative for further steps.