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The Adaptive Network

IP/MPLS service analysis

with Route Optimization and Analysis

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Most service providers have very little visibility into their IP/MPLS networks. The tools they typically use only offer partial views of the network’s current state, so the provider has minimal knowledge of how routing behavior is affecting service delivery and the quality of the customer experience. They’re in the dark. To make things worse, once there is an issue, troubleshooting becomes even more complex as the routed infrastructure changes intermittently and without warning. It’s like trying to hit a moving target. The result? Failure to meet SLAs, unacceptable time to resolution for trouble tickets, and increasing customer dissatisfaction.

Taking an Adaptive NetworkTM approach

Part of Ciena’s Adaptive Network, Blue Planet® Route Optimization and Analysis (ROA) builds an up-to-the-minute virtual map of the IP/MPLS network, so users can see exactly how routed traffic is traversing the network and precisely where performance is abnormal. Sub-optimal conditions missed by traditional tools can quickly be identified to correct possible service delivery issues and to allocate network resources more efficiently.

Blue Planet ROA works by capturing real-time network telemetry from the devices in IP/MPLS networks as well as from network orchestrators and SDN controllers. All routing events are noted by passively monitoring the IGP and BGP routing protocols to maintain an always-current Layer 3 topology model. Traffic flow records and performance metrics are collected and mapped to the routing data to provide path-aware visibility into service delivery. The route optimization data can be used to establish historical baselines for alert triggers, generate traffic matrices for different times and workloads, and enable forensic analysis and what-if modeling.


Ciena’s Adaptive Network, leveraging the Blue Planet ROA solution, means service providers can now:

Map the network traffic to visualize how network routing paths affect SLAs

Resolve transient and intermittent IP/MPLS network performance problems much faster

Avoid unintended service impacts from network changes

Make more informed infrastructure investments

Accelerate the design and provisioning of new, differentiated services

Provide a better customer experience

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