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Data Centre Interconnect

Meeting strategic goals with networks that can readily adapt

The explosion of data and non-stop demand for cloud-based services mean that data flowing between data centres will continue to surge, requiring far more scalable network connections.

Network technologies that readily adapt play a critical role in meeting companies’ strategic goals and solving challenges related to scalability and agility, operational efficiency, ROI and data protection/compliance.

Data Centre Interconnect essentials

This eBook provides an introduction to DCI and covers everything from applications and deployment scenarios to finding the right DCI solution.

How Interxion is growing its data centre operations with scalable, agile DCI networks

Interxion wanted to expand its data centre operations in Marseille, but no suitable real estate and power source were available next to its original location.

Meet your strategic goals


How local and regional MTDCs can differentiate their service proposition over Tier 1 competitors

By deploying network connections that readily adapt between their data centres, local and regional Multi-tenant Data Centres (MTDCs) can compete with large data centre providers in speed and Quality of Service (QoS) delivery

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How large MTDCs can deliver seamless, consistent, best-in-class services for customers around the world

By deploying Ciena’s Adaptive Network infrastructure to connect their data centres, large Multi-tenant Data Centre providers (MTDCs) can deliver leading service levels for customers around the world, taking growing traffic volumes in stride and minimising data transport costs.

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How ICPs can differentiate their services and take future traffic growth in stride

By deploying Ciena’s Adaptive Network infrastructure to connect data centres, Internet Content Providers (ICPs) can scale connections on demand, minimise ‘per-bit’ transport costs, and gain new competitive advantage based on unrivalled Quality of Service (QoS).

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How M&E companies can create the next generation of differentiated services

By deploying Ciena’s Adaptive Network to connect data centres, organisations in the  Media and Entertainment sector can evolve their service propositions, take traffic growth in stride, and reduce their service delivery costs.

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Overcoming the top five data center interconnect challenges

How to support unprecedented content demands and other advances with shrinking IT budgets and fewer resources?

Modernizing your Storage Area Network? Don’t neglect the interconnect

Why modern storage technologies are only as powerful as your DCI connections. Read the blog

Intelligent Automation of Cloud Connect Services

Service providers and data center operators can now rapidly deploy and fully operationalize Ciena Blue Planet's Cloud Connect automation solution, which combines the Blue Planet Multi-Domain Service Orchestration (MDSO) software with professional services provided by Ciena or a solution partner. Blue Planet MDSO software is a multi-vendor solution that is based on an open and highly programmable architecture to automate operations across multiple domains within single or multiple MTDCs. It abstracts the complexity of all network layers and domains, and presents a unified interface for simplified control, visibility and management of end-to-end cloud connectivity.

What is the Adaptive Network?

The Adaptive Network is a new approach that expands on autonomous networking concepts to transform the static network into a dynamic, programmable environment driven by analytics and intelligence.