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Converged IP and Ethernet

Scale without limits

Reduce network footprint. Lower operating costs. Create a simpler network architecture. Make the network easier to deploy, manage and monitor.
Accelerate the modernisation of legacy IP networks.

Roll out the converged IP and Ethernet network of the future with Ciena’s Routing and Switching portfolio.

What does the network of the future really look like? It’s time to find out…

“Future-proof networking is a much-used term in the industry, but what does it really mean? At Ciena, we think there are 7 key requirements for truly future-ready networking, and they can all be delivered today with the right network technologies and skillsets,” says Frank Miller, CTO EMEA at Ciena.

How IT, communications, and cloud providers can deliver the next-generation of bandwidth-hungry services

Frank Miller, CTO EMEA at Ciena, discusses how to disrupt the status quo for traffic aggregation with scalable, flexible, efficient IP and Ethernet solutions.

Application notes

Migrating from IP to Ethernet Aggregation

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Breaking the Chains of Inflexible Legacy Network Technologies

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Greenfield Network Building to Deliver High-bandwidth Services in New Geographies

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The top 6 features of a truly future-proof converged Ethernet and IP network

As traffic volumes continue to explode, traditional IP networks are creating major operational challenges. With IP routers required in all areas of the network, management and support requirements are typically very complex.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Many forward-thinking players have turned to Ethernet to future-proof their aggregation networks.

Read our blog on how, with converged IP and Ethernet, you can replace a large number of IP routers with fewer, highly scalable converged IP and Ethernet nodes.


Preparing for the high-bandwidth future with Ciena Ethernet solutions

Question: How did a leading multinational telecommunications company achieve scalability on-demand, with lower network operating costs and flexibility to support future converged services?

Answer: With Ciena’s simple, repeatable Ethernet architecture and ‘right-sized’ IP functions to support key services.

Read this case study to find out how one of Europe’s leading operators was able to replace its disparate legacy aggregation networks with standardised Ciena Ethernet solutions to maximise operating efficiency and scale services without limits.



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7 reasons why your customers need Business Ethernet, now

As a service provider, you continually need to find new ways to increase revenue, but how can you adapt your business strategies to achieve growth objectives? For a start, consider adding Ethernet services for high-capacity services—from 1GbE to 10GbE and 100GbE and beyond—to offer a differentiated and competitive service to corporate customers.

Getting high bandwidth to the network edge

When it comes to designing any network, success depends on bringing traffic as close as possible to its final destination. The key is building large, high-capacity routes that minimize the distance to travel and paths to cross.

For this to work, you’ll need the Adaptive Network™—and the right network partner.

Read our blog series on how Ciena checks all the boxes—with packet-optical leadership for Fiber Deep architecture, street-tough kit, intelligent automation and orchestration software, and scalability on demand.

Ciena 5G Network Solutions

Turn ON the untapped potential of your network - Faster speeds. Lower latency. Increased availability. Improved reliability. Innovative new use-cases and applications. More cost-effective. That's the 5G promise. In a world that's always ON, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) need to be able to scale existing 4G networks, while transitioning to 5G—and maintain profitability throughout. 5G: It's ON. How will your network adapt?

What is the Adaptive Network?

The Adaptive Network is a new approach that expands on autonomous networking concepts to transform the static network into a dynamic, programmable environment driven by analytics and intelligence.

Adaptive IP

Step into a new way of building IP-based networks—from access to metro—that’s automated, open, and lean.